We Take a Non-Invasive Approach to Treating Back Pain

Whether you have injured your back or undergone spinal surgery, physical rehabilitation can help to restore your range of motion as well as overall well being.

Disc Rehabilitation

At Integrated Nerve & Joint Center, our healthcare team offers a number of physiotherapy options including:

• cold therapy
• moist heat therapy
• diathermy
• mechanical traction
• electrical muscle stimulation
• ultrasound

In addition to these types of physiotherapy, we can work with you to strengthen the core and increase flexibility in order to reduce the risk of future back injuries. Our team can develop an at-home regimen to complement the physical rehabilitation exercises performed in our office.

Education is an important component of physical rehabilitation. Our staff can go over modifications to your daily activities to protect your back and provide advice on how to avoid further injury.

Physical rehabilitation can help you address the underlying cause of your back pain.

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